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The Royal Wedding

The Non-Dress that Launched A Thousand Blog Posts.

Everyone is psyched for the royal wedding and I have to admit that, besides the dress, I did not care very much. Recently, however, I have caught the fever and have been Googling everything about the wedding and British Royal tradition…it’s fascinating.

I always go back to the same thought, imagine being Kate Middleton. She has been dating Prince William for years and is accustomed to the spotlight and mingling with royalty, but the wedding is taking it to a new level. She has gotten cristicism for losing too much weight. EVERYONE loses weight before their weddings, it’s stressful and all your friends will be staring at you and the pictures last a lifetime. Kate will be seen by the world and the pictures will be on every blog and history books. Kate may be the luckiest girl in the world, but she probably needs a Xanax.


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