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We all have the friend who has gone through more style changes than Lady Gaga and switches music tastes faster than an a Girl Talk song. She is not a naturally confused person, or unsure of herself, she is sure of what her boyfriend likes.

She begins to date a hipster living in Allston who inspires her to indulge in Indie music and consignment shops. Her jeans get tighter, she exchanges stilettos for converse and you will occasionally find a cigarette in her hand. She stubbornly insists that she has ben awakened and this is her true self, the boyfriend was simply the gatekeeper of this wonderful world we are all missing out on that lies beyond Packard’s Corner.

Allston gets old and the boyfriend gets distant and moody; it is time for a change. She begins to see a lacrosse player at Harvard. She pulls out her old boat shoes and headbands because it is time to be mature and adult. Dave Matthews is so awesome and she talks about switching her major to econ because that’s where the money is.

Since Harvard/BU relationships have a short shelf life, she will cross back over the bridge soon and return to a state of normalcy until she meets a bro-ish frat guy and is suddenly an active member of her sorority again.

I think you get the point.

We are all victim of of this cycle to a certain extent and it is not always a negative, identity highjacking problem. Relationships and compromise and we should influence one another, but when does it go too far? When does it go from a blending and sharing of tastes to a transformation to please your partner? Please share!


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