I am a twenty-one -year-old college student in Boston. I love art, fashion and especially food. I am starter because I live in the ultimate starter city, the warm-up to New York, Chicago or LA, and again, I am only 21, I know my limited scope.

I am writing for us Bostonians who spend half the nights of the year with our heels stuck in snow piles and the rest vowing to never leave the radiator in our apartments.  I’m attempting to be a voice of the young, stylish, opinionated and a little bit reckless on relationships, dating, culture and style. I like to think that I’m simply in this limbo life of semi-adulthood with you all, writing what I see and curious to hear your feedback.

I wish I could say I am the Carrie Bradshaw of Boston, but that may be pushing it.


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