Decoding Relationships

Our generation has not only eliminated the term “going steady,” we have invented endless terms to imply anything but steady. I remember when I was in middle school and mu best friend’s older sister had to explain to us what “talking” meant. We did not get it…I remember not recognizing any connection to a romantic relationship with the use of that incorrectly used, incredibly vague term. Now, I use it on a weekly basis. Here is my attempt at decoding the labels that exist between stranger and spouse:

Texting: This is below talking because anyone can shoot random text messages throughout the day, or most typically at night, to a multitude of people. “He texts me,” is almost an equilvalent of we are both single and we met.

Talking: The step beyond “texting.” You are not engaged in an on going, obnoxiously forced conversation that will eventually lead to face to face interaction. Talking is hardly exclusive, but easier to manage when spread throughout different social groups.

Hooking up: Ah, the term that has anyone over 30 perplexed at it’s meaning. I remember my mom saying, “Are you going to hook up with your friends at the mall?” meaning meet up (I knew what she meant, but it always freaked me out regardless…). Hooking up can be making out to something of a more serious nature. This is when feelings get involved, at least on the female side, and it becomes something to talk about…

Together: I personally hate this one. It’s a cop out to dating and makes no sense. Together means you hang out soberly, are publicly seen and are a top priority to each other. Implies exclusivity, but does not always deliver. If you don’t move from this label quickly-move on.

Dating: The obvious, but not always these days. It can sometimes be equal to boyfriend/girlfriend, but can often live beneath it. Both parties are usually in a constant state of elation. This is my favorite part.

Boyfriend/Girlfriend: Sadly, even this needs clarification for some, but I’m not going there.

Did I miss a few? Do you disagree with my thoughts?


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