Slacking Sartorial

Boston has never been known as a particularly fashionable city. It is associated with conservative dress and preppiness, but the Cape and Nantucket can always out-madras and boat shoe Boston, stripping the city of any unique identity. The overwhelming number of colleges has created a motley crew in Boston of varying styles, but in true starter-city fashion, we are always in the shadows of the glamour of New York, the glitz of LA and the sexiness of Miami.

This past summer,when I was living in New York City, I ran into my favorite fashion photographer, Scott Schuman in my Greenwich Village neighborhood. Schuman is a street style photographer and captures the looks of the most stylish people in the world as they live their lives in New York, Milan, Paris and Buenos Aires.

While chatting with Schuman as he took my roommates and my photos for a Gap denim campaign (I got very lucky-right place, right time) he asked if there was any reason he should come to Boston to shoot. We tried to come up with a yes, but there seemed to be no reason to travel to Boston to find people in North Face coats and Longchamp bags. I do not intend to slam my dear starter city, but if three proud Bostonians could not come up with a sound reason to capture the style of Boston, I don’t know who else can…

However, there are plenty of stylish and unique individuals roaming around Charles Street and brunching in the South End. How can we establish Boston as a fashionable city with its own attitude and iconic look? Must we embrace the classic WASPy cliche of New England to own a slice of the fashion (low-fat) pie?


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