1am -4am: When Calories Do Not Exist

I have recently been reflecting upon a bad behavior that has plagued me since fall of 2008 and the introduction of late night in the dining hall and the far too convenient location of Campus Convenience. I do not believe that there is ever a time post-college (or in the real world as we like to call it) that eating $40 worth of convenience store crap or multiple trays of fried everything in a single setting is acceptable.

This binge occurs in many states, after a long night out, after a long night in, after a marathon of on-demand with roommates; the range of circumstance knows no limits. We live a nocturnal existence and are in need of fuel in those wee hours of the morning, only these meals lack a conscience and often consciousness.

Do you think you can stop the fourth meal post-grad?



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One response to “1am -4am: When Calories Do Not Exist

  1. Caroline

    To answer your question of whether or not we can stop the fourth and sometimes fifth meal post-grad…. I’d love to say that I have the willpower to stop this habit, but unfortunately I don’t see it coming to an end anytime soon. As long as I have friend willing to take the trip with me to the fridge or the late night convenience store, “calorie free” late nights and “fat day” Sundays will continue. Sad life.

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