A Quote from My Good Friend

“Men are supposed to plant their seed inside a womens head.”
Thor’s (protecting identity) response when told that I was writing a blog about relationships
I don’t know what this means, but I kind of like it. He has managed to sexualize the psyche. It’s a bit genius.
I posted this to negate accusations of any feminist crusade some (the quoted included) the may think this blog stands for. I am not a feminist in the traditional sense. Chivalry is not dead. Some things are better done by one sex or the other and there is something to be said about the Mad Men lifestyle, despite its often offensive nature. I appreciate the natural difference between men and women and the hilarity that we even attempt to analyze one another.
In my attempt to analyze:
What do you think about traditional roles between men and women? Part of me hates that we are becoming immune to the lack of chivalry and traditional rules of dating, but along with that demise, relationships are becoming more equal.
Maybe a man is not supposed to “plant his seed” inside your head, but do we try to be the man too often?

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