In recent months the white college girl have developed a sense of humor. My own breed has historically lacked the ability to laugh at ourselves and satirize the ridiculousness of our petty concerns and cliche interests. Social media, a world in which the white college girl is already familiar, has been the springboard of a self deprecating humor.

Along with Boston dweller Jenna Marbles featured in the video above, many a white girl (or great impersonators) has used Twitter and various blogs to make fun of themselves. Check out @whitegirlproblems or our local @BUgirlproblems . The former with tweets such as:

 Stop looking at me like I’m the one who needs to go to the gym.

There are two kinds of people in the world: models and plus-size models.

So, it’s not exactly brilliant, but at least it’s a start and a bit of a reality check. If you want to really want to laugh on behalf of the white college girl read sushiwithmygirls; an all too real account that reflects the ideology of many of the private university girl in Boston.


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  1. Jessica

    This girl is hilarious. I’ve watched almost every one of her videos…procrastination at its finest. Her video about pet names makes me die. “Sweaty Pizza Unicorn”

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