And Yet Another Blow to My Kind…

The video above was the worst thing for white people since Justin Bieber and until the next white bro attempts ebonics (my guess was that happened .02 seconds after the video was posted.) I regret sharing this video, furthering the moron’s fame, but I believe it works against, rather than for her, and the world should be informed of her ignorance. In an attempt to be funny, or relatable, or simply show off her breasts in a pathetically obvious way, the USC student rants about the abundance of Asian students in the library and their habit of speaking loudly on the phone. In this video blondie has successfully scored a point against my kind, the white college girl. Thank you, UCLA moron for representing our already silly segment of society in the worst light possible with a humorless, delusional youtube video. At least she’s west coast.

I hope this video is played to your face in every interview you have.


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